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    50 MB 1 GB Transfer 1$

    100 MB 5 GB Transfer 3$

    200 MB 10 GB Transfer 5$

    500 MB 20 GB Transfer 8$

    1 GB 30 GB Transfer 10$

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    Want To Be Our Reseller
    Make big profits by becoming our reseller in your area. We are appointing new resellers all over the world, if you are ready to invest 50-100$, then mail us on sales@sh3lls.net


    What is VPS hosting?

    Sh3lls.net offers FreeBSD, Linux As well As Windows based VPS with DDOS Protection


    VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and is an increasingly popular form of web hosting and IRC Hosting. VPS Hosting is about creating multiple "server spaces" within one physical server. Each server space is totally separate from each other, and performs as if it were its own physical standalone server. VPS hosting is an attractive option for people looking to get the server control offered by a dedicated server at a fraction of the price.

    NEW: Now DIRECT ADMIN and CPANEL Control Panel Also available with all VPS hosting packages for additional 5$ and 10$ per month respectively.

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    We accept Credit Card, Paypal, Western Union, Moneybookers, Bank Wire Transfer, PerfectMoney, BitCoin, WMZ for VPS hosting. Just sign up from website and select your mode of payment during sign up

    We are now even accepting BitCoin, PerfectMoney and WebMoney WMZ, For BitCoin sign up from website and select your mode of payment as BitCoin, For PerfectMoney please sign up from our website and select your mode of payment as bank transfer and send payment to U1506593 and for Webmoney send WebMoney / WMZ to our purse number Z428020230578 and emails us on support [at] sh3lls.net after sending the payment .

    Our VPS servers are highly DDOS protected and IRC is allowed on them.

    For live support you can connect on irc to

    irc.sh3lls.net and join #sh3lls OR  irc.efnet.net and join #sh3lls Or just click on http://chat.sh3lls.net/ to login to Sh3lls.net IRC network and join Sh3lls Support Channel

    Click the Below Links to Check our Linux VPS or Windows VPS Packages




    Affordable VPS Hosting solutions
    VPS Virtual Private Server Hosting - What exactly can you do?
    The answer is simple, everything you could do with a dedicated server. Each VPS server within the main physical server can have its own dedicated resources, IP addresses, etc. You can decided exactly which software you want to run within your VPS and you can have your own custom configurations and wont be affected by what anyone else is doing on the same server.  

    Do I get full root or admin access with VPS Hosting?
    Yes you full root or Administrator access with our VPS Hosting packages, you can install any software or application that is compatible with Linux. You have read/write access to all server files. While no one else can see or access your files.

    You will be able to access your Linux VPS via SSH and Windows VPS via Remot Desktop

    VPS Hosting Benefits
    For a start, VPS hosting is very secure because all VPS hosting accounts are in their own enclosed private space, separate from any other other customers on the same server. VPS hosting allows maximum configurability and costs less than a dedicated server, this is great if your website has special software requirements that a shared hosting company could not provide adequately.

    VPS Hosting &  Linux
    Linux provides a very powerful and secure base for VPS Hosting, and is popular for that reason.

    VPS Hosting &  Windows 2003
    Windows 2003 Server provides a very powerful and easy to use base for VPS Hosting, and is popular for that reason.

    Is IRC allowed on your VPS?

    Yes we allow IRC on our VPS as our VPS are highly DDOS protected hosted with gigeservers.

    What OS can i get with VPS Hosting?
    We offer the following OS as choice with Linux VPS Hosting:

    Fedora Core 4
    Redhat Enterprise
    CentOS 4
    Suse 9
    Fedora core 5
    Fedora Core 3
    OpenSuse 10

    We offer the following OS as choice with Windows VPS Hosting:

    Windows 2003 Standard Server

    VPS Hosting - Other Uses
    Just a few of our own ideas of what VPS hosting could be an excellent choice for, some of these are from experience, ie, we've actually seen VPS hosting being used in exactly these ways:

    Secondary mail server

    IRCD / IRC Hosting

    Secondary DNS Server

    Secondary mail server

    Load balanced HTTP server

    Backup MySQL slave server or part of a MySQL Cluster

    A test Unix/Windows server (a great practice area for newbie sys admins)

    Windows VPS is even ideal for users looking to run windows programs 24/7 without running their home PC 24/7

    Windows VPS can be even used to run windows based IRCD or MIRC scripts and/or MIRC client 24/7

    As you can see, VPS hosting can be used for more than just hosting a website, that's the point of VPS hosting. It is infinitely more flexible than a shared hosting account.

    The above links are to order by CREDIT CARD/PayPal, but if you would like to order by other modes, then please contact us on sales@sh3lls.net, with your desired mode of payment. Other possible modes of payments are  Western Union, Money Order, Cash, Bank Wire Transfer, Money Gram, e-gold, moneybookers, etc..

    Following are the info for other modes of payment:


    Account Name: Sh3lls Limited
    Bank Code: 004
    Account Number: 817364193838
    Swift Code: HSBCHKHHHKH
    Bank Name: HSBC BANK
    Bank Country: Hong Kong

    Money Order, Check, Demand Draft:

    B-26, Gokul Row House,
    Parle Point,
    Surat - 395007

    Western Union / Money Gram:

    Please email to sales@sh3lls.net or submit ticket at https://secure.sh3lls.net to get info for western union/moneygram


    Indian clients can deposit cash directly in our bank,

    Bank Name: ICICI
    Account Name: Sh3lls.net
    Account Number: 005205002088
    Account Type: Current
    Branch: Surat


    Bank Name: HDFC Bank
    Account Name: Satish Jain
    Account No.: 00671000149899


    NOTE: Please keep backup of your data as we don't keep backups for VPS hosting.

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